The Story of Little Parakeet (English)

Episode 5 May 19, 2020 00:05:53

Show Notes

A bilingual tale of Periquito (Little Parakeet) who goes out into the jungle looking for his father. All the animals recognize him because he looks "just like his Pop." They watch over him as he journeys deeper and deeper into unknown lands. The traditional song and bilingual story, written by Georgette Baker, now contains, piano music and follow-up activities, scientific information and vocabulary reinforcing pages to reproduce.

Author, Georgette Baker, has 36 bilingual books and CD's and provides bilingual (Spanish/English) children's and family shows featuring songs, stories, silliness and lots of audience participation. She brings her rich experience of living and traveling throughout the world with her to each program and shares artifacts she has acquired on her journeys.

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