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El zopilote y la chirimía

Written by Gabriela Olmos and illustrated by Valeria Gallo, The Buzzard and the Flute tells the story of Conchita, a girl who loses her grandfather and travels to the country of the dead to look for him. In that place, as crooked as it was fun, Conchita learns the value of her ancestors’ legacy.

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Gabriela Olmos has written 12 children’s books in Mexico, one in Canada, and one in the United States. Her books have inspired exhibits, plays, and television spots promoting literacy. Gabriela has written fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her articles, short stories, and poems have appeared in periodicals in Mexico, France, and the United States. She has translated literary and academic texts, and compiled anthologies of poetry.

In 2009 Gabriela was featured among six Mexican writers profiled in the French magazine La Revue des Livres pour Enfants. Eight of her books have been chosen for public education programs in Mexico. Two of them were selected for the A Leer / IBBY Mexico Guide. In 2013, the Smithsonian Asia Pacific American Center recommended Gabriela’s book I Dreamt. In 2016 The Latino Author chose it to head its list of the top ten books of the year. In 2019 Gabriela received the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz / Alaska Award, in the context of the festival Woman Scream: International Women’s Poetry Movement, chapter Anchorage. Also, Venezuelan organization Banco del Libro included Gabriela’s book Palabras como hilos in its exhibit featuring the best Spanish books for the year and organization Empowering Latino Futures (Latino Literacy Now) granted Eyes Closed an International Latino Book Award.

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